Get A Clear Opinion On Essay Topic

Take your time think about the question don’t assume that you just have to say one thing one idea in relation to the task would very often to get a high quality answer in a high grade you need to spend more time thinking about what the question is really asking you to do here’s another example evaluate evaluate is asking for high quality thought on a question so when you evaluate you’re expected to consider what are the positives the strengths the benefits and what are the negatives the weaknesses and drawbacks and you’re expected to offer the judgment a clear opinion on the topic an explained cause in fact so when you look at the cause you need to identify what actually occurred and then why did it occur.

What were the consequences in other words what happened as a result and why did X occur as a result of Y so you’d be trying to look at the relationship between the two the causes and the effects so take care to talk about what they were but also why they happened why there was a relationship between the two explain how is asking you perhaps to look in more practical terms but in detail about the different steps for how something was accomplished or something occurred you need to describe the stages of an event or process think about what will be the best order for you to use very often it’s going to be chronological order in other words according to the time something happened and this means that to express yourself most clearly you should be using clear time markers such as first second next then finally etc so the next step having spent some time thinking about the task words what the questions are asking you to do then you’ll need to question the question.

You need to try and identify the surface key questions and then dig a little bit deeper and try to identify some underlying key questions in order to get good quality of thought before you go on to do your research and so for example in this question analyze a change initiative in an organization with which you are familiar and evaluate its success on surface you’ve got to try to address questions such as what were the essential parts of the change initiative remember analyze always means to break down into different parts different stages in this case manners evaluate is asking you to say what was successful and why and what was unsuccessful and whine so in order to identify surface questions you need to look very carefully at the task words think about what they’re asking you to do in relation to the topic but you can go deeper than AB in order to reach a higher level of quality and interest in the question so in this case what were the key features of this organization and its environment what factors led to the decision to make a change what were the explicit or implicit objectives of this change.

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