How To Learn Latin

How To Learn Latin

In order to learn Latin legal terms you need to memorize what they mean in English. A simple phrase dictionary will do for that. Some simple Latin grammar will help a lot to let you know why the words mean what they mean and you might even be surprised at the literal translation. As you learn Latin grammar look over your terms to see if the grammar principles you have learned are used in them. If legal terms is all you are really interested in then that is all you need.

How To Learn Latin Medical terms

If you want to learn Latin to understand medical terms then that is a bit tricky. These terms often no longer have their original meanings and are usually assimilated to the language they are being used in. Grammar is probably not needed, only some vocabulary and a knowledge of how words work, for example, that prepositional particles that change the meanings of verbs go at the beginning in Latin whereas they go at the end in English.

How To Learn Latin For The Catholic Mass

If you want to learn Latin so that you can do the Catholic Mass then what you really want to learn is Catholic Latin. You will also need to learn how to speak Latin. This is much more involved since you will need to basically learn the language well enough to actually be a second language speaker.

General tips on how to learn Latin

Do something in the language everyday. There is no day off. Even if you have to recite the same poem or prayer everyday, do it.

Read as much as you can even if it is too difficult.

Learn vocabulary. Even if you don’t know the grammar of a sentence, if you know the vocabulary then you can guess at least 70% of the meaning.

Buy an electronic dictionary. If you can not buy an electronic dictionary then you can always use the Words program. It works on all versions of Windows in a black text terminal, however, if you use it with Linux or Solaris in the Wine program it will work much better. If you have an Android phone buy the Collins dictionary for that. Electronic dictionaries are great, they save a lot of time looking up words and that helps you keep the flow of learning going without long interruptions in study.

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