How to Write an A+ Thesis Statement

How to write an a-plus pieces statement before we begin let’s define a thesis statement as a single specific claim that your essay is going to support a good thesis statement is not simply an observation a question or a promise it includes a topic a precise opinion and reasoning parts of a thesis statement.

First thing you have to know is there are three parts to every thesis statement the thesis statement has three parts the subject the precise opinion and the blueprint of reasons okay but what exactly are those things the subject well that’s basically the topic of your essay this your essays going to be focused on the precise opinion your opinion on the subject of your essay what’s your opinion on that topic and now the blueprint of reasons well this is where you show your reader how you plan to argue improve your opinion typically you should have three strong pieces of evidence to support your opinion.

Later you’ll expand on each of those pieces of evidence or detail in the body of your essay time to practice now that you have an idea of how to write a thesis statement let’s practice right in one you will need a topic your opinion on it and reasons for evidence to back up your opinion let’s say the topic is music well that’s too broad so let’s narrow it down a bit let’s select a particular genre of music like Country pop or hip-hop well let’s say we selected hip-hop music as our topic what comes next right write your own opinion on the topic if you’re not sure what that is you should do no research to help you formulate your opinion on the topic of hip-hop or whatever the topic is.

Let’s say your opinion on hip-hop is that hip-hop is not offensive and positively influences urban youth does that sound arguable will others disagree with that statement yes good thesis statement is an arguable statement now you need to support your opinion how you need to research evidence support your opinion blueprint of reasons is the research that you find and out to support your opinion so we could say it gives urban a chance for artistic expression it’s a form of street poetry inspires youth to overcome challenges the polished thesis could look like though many people dismiss hip-hop as offensive hip-hop music inspires urban youth to overcome challenges offers an opportunity in Porton opportunity for artistic expression and allows them to articulate the poetry of the street. Those pieces of evidence or the blueprint are only effective if one I explain what I mean about each blueprint point in the body paragraphs in – I provide detail examples for each blueprint point the thesis statement tells your reader where you are going in your essay the thesis statement tells you reader how you plan on getting there number one you need to marry your topic your subject number two what’s your opinion on the subject topic if you don’t know you should research a bit to help you form an opinion and three once you’ve formed your opinion about your topic list three reasons.

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