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This complete writing unit takes the students through the writing process (Brainstorming, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Publishing) on how to write strong, effective, common core aligned persuasive essays.

Along the writing process each stage is broken down individually to really help students focus on nailing each section just right. Students are provided clear goals and mentor examples for their introduction, body paragraphs, counterclaim, as well as their conclusion.

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1. CHARACTER TRAITS ACTIVITIES – These motivating pages give students practice with character traits. Includes word box and picture prompt activities, plus a character traits list.

2. CHARACTER TRAITS ESSAY – The assignment page where students brainstorm and choose the character and traits they will use for their essay

3. ESSAY GRAPHIC ORGANIZER – Students record their traits and evidence on this clear and attractive organizer.

4. WRITING THE INTRODUCTION – A page that contains a fill-in template (with sentence-by-sentence instructions) for drafting the entire introduction

5. WRITING BODY PARAGRAPHS – Two pages that contain fill-in templates (with sentence-by-sentence instructions) guide students as they write their two body paragraphs

6. WRITING THE CONCLUSION – A fill-in template (with sentence-by-sentence instructions) guides students as they write a concluding paragraph

7. REVISING AND EDITING CHECKLIST – Students evaluate to what extent they have revised and edited their essays on a task-specific chart, with a peer exchange option.

8. MENTOR TEXT – A sample Character Traits essay writing samples entitled “Grandma’s Unique Qualities” (based on the novel A Long Way From Chicago) demonstrates format, content, and writing expectations as a model for student writing.

9. ADDING QUOTATIONS – As an option/or for differentiation, two pages that demonstrate and allow for students to add quotations to their essay is provided. An Amended Mentor Text is also included with the addition of two embedded text quotations.

10. GRADING RUBRIC – A 4-point rubric is included for grading the essays

This recently updated essay writing package is designed to help beginner essay writers how to write effective essays. As this is a time when students are first introduced to essays, it can be an overwhelming experience, and most students have a hard time following along in the process. Using several different visuals in this unit as reminders, students can easily remember the important parts of essays and its elements. If you are looking for a variety of essay writing learning tools, this product is a part of a discounted unit bundle containing a variety of Essay Writing Resources, which would be suitable for a diverse classroom.

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