What`s Expected From Your Paper

Probably the most common question that I get asked by students is what do I expect in your writing and I try to be pretty clear when we start the course in the you know in the first week of class to provide you guys you know a pretty clear idea there’s a grading rubric that can be located in the in the course materials section my expectations for APA format are found in the course material section I give quite a few examples in the main forum as to different ways to cite and reference things and I also provide that you know APA academic writing discussion question in most of my courses as well so you guys can actually not only ask questions about APA writing or academic writing but but you can also get your weekly participation credit when you ask those questions. Find out how to properly do an academic paper at Edusson.

So you know I try to make things as open as I can to you guys for for how I grade but there’s always still some inevitable questions so what I’ve done here is I’ve created a paper to grade and show you you know exactly what I do when I grade a paper and exactly the kind of things I look for now just as a couple of disclosures here first of all this paper is completely and utterly made up it is 100% fake there’s not a single source used in it that’s actually a source I made them all up myself I I didn’t want it to be about content I wanted it to be about you know how it’s written and stuff like that so it is completely made-up and another thing is that there may be some things that I don’t cover that are within my expectations so this is not all-inclusive this is just kind of the most common things I so you can see here we’re on the title page of of the paper and we can see that it’s it’s called attracting hummingbirds to your backyard and something you can see pretty clearly is that you know the title is located up here on the header.

And I also include the page number now you may ask but Bruce you don’t have running head well that’s a relatively easy to explain you guys are welcome to use the words running head in your header I’m not gonna count off for it it is a part of APA formatting but sometimes we have to go a little deeper into APA formatting and read exactly why we’re using that and if we if we read the APA manual about the whole idea of a running head we find out that it’s a publication tool and you know really all of APA is a publication tool but that running head in particular is built for publishers it’s built for sending that article out for publishing since we’re not publishing our work it’s not necessary.

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